Location:  Redondo Beach performing Arts center

Time:19th of November 2016

How to support : If you want to show case your best evening gown ,best Persian custom or if you want to be a part of my supporter for skin,dress,make up,photography,video or any other kind of support please contact me to know more about it.


Dr. Elham Madani, Mrs Persia  is combination of a rare beauty in and out.She is a real beauty with wisdom and great heart for humanity.Elham is the founder and CEO of many successful companies  and events such as ,"Mighty Vision Pictures "and the "WIND International Film Festival "and the "World Humanitarian Awards" and  the "Academy Film awards".

This year ,2016 she is competing with the most beautiful and talented ladies to win the prestigious title of MRS Asia USA which is being produced by Virgellia Production which has 28 years history in the pageant industry.

Dr Elham who is an acclaimed multi national and Academy awarded Director and producer will represent as Mrs Persia for this competition to show case one of the most beautiful country in the world which has one of top 5 most intelligent and beautiful people in the world.

Elham was entitled as Queen of empowerment for her humanitarian activities and was recognized as the best female filmmaker of the year 2015 in peace and for her humanitarian activity and she was honored by Royal family of Indonesia as Ambassador of peace for the world and received Gold medal of honor as well.Elham is working in many projects and wants to empower women and also to bring more diversity in to Hollywood and film and fashion business.

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Elham's big event to possible being crowned as MS Asia USA  2016 is in November 19th.

Please buy your tickets to meet up the most magnificent people and help yourself to be recognized in that day not only as supporter but as a unique person which challenge for the better world.


1st five VIP buyers will be given an amazing set of bridal jewelries and tiara for their own or beloved which is being designed by Dr. Elham Madani worth $ 750 in retail market for free and a very beautiful souvenir book and gifts !

You will  get not only  VIP table and you will get a chance to advertise in one full page in beauty pageant book  of the year 2016 that will be published by Virgellia production.You will be on TV program and WIND Live TV as well with over 10 million viewers world wide.

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