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Dr. Elham Madaniproudly represent Persia that has over 2600 years of history in the 2016 MRS Asia Beauty and cultural pageant. Elham was born in Tehran by a medical couple and when she lost her mother, she left Iran to India, where she entered into Bollywood industry as a model and actress beside studying her PHD in social-Linguistics. She left India to Canada in 2005 to expand her career as director while she studied Independent film-making beside learning different type of latin dance styles in University of Toronto and directed over 55 shorts and feature films since then. Moving to USA where she had a dream to step further was a great huge success where she studied Cinema production at L.A City College beside being active in many other aspects of her busy life. She works not only as an independent film-maker but as a very successful female film-maker that has earned over 45 times international awards as best actress, best director and best producer from Canada, France, Israel, Iran, India, Indonesia, Spain…
She has been appointed as a film festival judge for “Monaco International Film Festival” in France while she shot her feature documentary that has an Anti-war subject and it is on the post production level right now including .She has been chosen as a judge for Arpna and Fajr, some of the Most prestigious Persian and Armenian film festival in Iran and Hollywood, ,She was a jury of  Ojocojo  festival in Spain as well. Elham, herself is running a very prestigious film festival, which is called the “WIND International Film Festival” that is famous as “WOMEN OSCAR”. She is the founder of “World Humanitarian Awards” and “Academy Film Awards” that is about to discover and award top qualified talented and successful business people and mingle them with inspiring ones and make a bridge of peace and love among nations and to empower women and promote Diversity where WIND and “World Humanitarian Awards” was established since 2011. She was awarded as best humanitarian film-maker of the year by Queen and other royalties of Indonesia in 2015 and was appointed as Ambassador of Peace and now she is helping “Hope : Cancer Charity organization” beside being active as role model and speaker for many nations. Through her non profit organization called “WIND Film Institute”, she is trying to empower women, help refugees and mastering people to run their lives in case they've lost all their hopes from the beginning .She wants to teach them how to be their own mentor and build a better society by working on each single person who is in those workshop which Is being taught by amazing professionals teachers who donates their time some times. She has held on over 100 times free workshops and she is very famous among her other talented film-makers and social-medias.

Her “ELHAM” show is about Equality, Liberation, Humanity, Arts and New Era Of Peace in millennium era. Elham has many certificates as make-up Artist and hair designer. She is fluent in Speaking Farsi, English, Arabic, Urdo, Hindi and Afghani languages.    

Elham’s activity as an humanitarian film-maker and a uniquely talented personality helped many talented people to be able to find better jobs and changed their life from being miserable to fortune : “as what some of her testimonial shows”.
Her future goal is to continue as a very successful role model, film director, producer and to make films with great messages for the world to empower people and make them to think twice and to make a great positive impact in many lives.
Elham has over 40,000 fans to inspire and entertain with her talent.
Her goal is to open a bridge of peace and friendship between many nations and “USA”, where she calls second home. Her aim is to build up a great studio, bring all types of talents together, gives them enough job opportunities and many workshops to render positive answers to so many talented people... She is a hard worker and frequently people call her “One Woman Show”. Because she does uses her many skills to create the best product She never gives up her dream and each second of her life she works hard to catch it. Her dream is to be crowned as “MRS Asia USA 2016” in order to have a broader outreach and have a lasting and profound impact on people who follow her more each day and to be a stronger and positive role model where society needs to see in a woman .She can change and save many through her films by visualizing un told stories specially about those innocent women and kids who are being hurt each single day just because of being female.!
She is putting herself now as singer and she just finished a song “We Are One” that has been nominated for “Grammy Awards”.
Her acting experience with amazing actors such as Mickeal Madson and Sandra Bulleck’s Co star, have enlightened her more on her acting career. Her recent film will be on Big Screen on 28th of October.

She loves to get her PHD in Cinema as well.
Her hobbies include helping abused animals, making films, acting, directing, photography, designing, travelling abroad, dancing, Jogging, jewelry designing, and Singing…

ELHAM is the art that define all Arts and a true voice to be heard for our era.